About the Park

Runnymede Park lies between Sugarland Run on the east and developed areas on the west.  The entrance is on the east side of Herndon Parkway, #195, between the Stuart Woods apartment complex and Queens Row Street.  The park is open year round from dawn to dusk.

Runnymede's cultural heritage goes all the way back to Native American people who lived in the vicinity of Sugarland Run.

Runnymede is recognized as a Native Plant Registry site in Virginia, where more than 400 varieties of native plants can be found in the park.

Runnymede is home to a wide variety of insects; many different mammals including beavers, raccoons, foxes and deer; and a nice diversity of birds, from songbirds to raptors.


The annual Naturefest celebration, sponsored by the Friends of Runnymede Park in cooperation with the Town of Herndon, showcases the assets of the park and combines learning and fun.  It is one of the premier nature events in Northern Virginia.

Scouts of all ages use Runnymede as the focus for achievements and service projects.